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Interior Design Adelaide

In Adelaide, office interior design has always been an important part of the Contour Interiors business offering since it commenced operations over 25 years ago. Interior design is where we started, and at Contour we believe it’s also the strategic starting point for all great office and workplace transformations.

Great office interior design can be a powerful business tool. Especially in a competitive environment like Adelaide. For example:

  • An aesthetically pleasing design not only reflects your brand but projects it in a personalised and powerful way, positioning your business as a modern, stylish organisation that’s really going places.
  • Creating a welcoming environment that your staff are proud of and see as their ‘home away from home’ helps promote loyalty, productivity, workflow efficiencies, collaboration and socialisation
  • Having a workplace ‘designed to impress’ has a positive effect on your customers, suppliers and especially your prospects and first time visitors

Great interior design makes you look like a winner… and feel like a champion!

Our Difference

At Contour, we believe that office interior design and commercial design is much more than just decoration, or simple branding. It’s also about strategically positioning your Adelaide office as more than just a place of work, by showcasing it as the beating heart and soul of your business

With something as important as your office design, experience counts. That’s why so many businesses in Adelaide choose Contour Interiors for their workplace interior design projects.

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable interior designers work seamlessly as part of a broader, in-house team of professionals that includes fit-out specialists, builders and architects who themselves become actively involved in the design process right from Day One. This collaborative approach will often identify opportunities to save money and improve functionality and productivity.

Our interior design team’s solutions also take into consideration all the aesthetic and functional aspects of your office space, including room size, ceiling heights, temperature, natural light opportunities, lift and exit stairs locations and other elements specific to your building. We are also very COVID-conscious, incorporating all the latest COVID safe office design guidelines into our solutions.

When it comes to office interior design in Adelaide, Contour gives you a unique combination of aesthetics, intelligent design and practicality as well as a result that meets your budget and exceeds all your expectations.


Before we even start the actual creative process, Contour’s interior design team and project managers will consult with you and your staff to fully understand what you are hoping to achieve.

We’ll take a close look at your business brand and personality, how your staff work together and use their workspaces, and technology. All of these elements are incorporated into the design brief and the subsequent design concept options. That’s when our partnership with you truly begins.

Though our team draws upon decades of experience, we take the approach that each and every interior design job we do is different, and requires fresh eyes, open minds and a collaborative team effort between our specialists, you and your staff to achieve optimum results.

From the initial Concept Design approval stage we will then work with you to determine layout optimisation, taking into account things such as workflow activity-based work zones, the need for open-plan, breakout and private office spaces, furniture, technology and staff amenities, and more.

Our team is also very conscious of the importance of fittings, fabrics and finishes and all these are incorporated into the final Design Documentation and budget approval process before our in-house team actually commences any physical work

Partner with Contour and we guarantee our office interior designs will not only improve the way your business operates but will inspire staff, improve your company culture, impress clients and customers, prospects and suppliers and help take your operation to the next level.

Case Study

Acura Group is a market-leading company in Adelaide supplying the mechanical trades with cutting edge support systems for pipe and cable. They turned to Contour for their office fit out requirements.

Acura appointed Contour Interiors in (YEAR) for their Adelaide office fit out in Tonsley. The key challenge for the interior design component of the project was to create an environment in which their staff could be inspired and productive, whilst at the same time reflecting their market leading position.

Contour’s interior design team worked closely with the Acura executive team to develop and understand the brief, and produced a number of interior design options for consideration. The end result was a classy and invigorating environment that combined soft pastel hues and deep timber finishes, echoing the essence of the Acura brand.


Adelaide, SA


950 sq. m


  • Workspace Consultancy
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Statutory Liaison
  • Services Co-ordination
  • Bespoke Joinery
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