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Workplace Strategy

Align your organisation's brand, values and aspirations to produce workspaces that drive staff engagement and effectiveness.

What is Workplace Strategy?

Workplace Strategy has become of vital importance for all businesses as they look to manage their occupancy needs in a rapidly changing world. As organisations look to move and adapt to this change, they need a blueprint to ensure they stay true to their wider organisational objectives based on real data.

With COVID and Post-COVID uncertainty compounding the uncertainty facing workplace operations, look to Contour Interiors to guide you through this unpredictable time.

Our vast experience and expertise has enabled us to develop a highly refined strategic process that ensures your organisation receives a purpose-built workspace that both reflects your brand and encourages staff engagement and fulfillment.

Key Benefits of Contours' Workplace Strategy

  • Addressing challenges you may have around workplace culture
  • Uncovering current and future space requirements
  • Managing transitional and flexible office arrangements
  • Identifying the ideal location of your workplace
  • Meeting Post-Covid workplace occupancy challenges

Our Workplace Design Strategy in Action

workplace strategy plan

What is Involved?

Contour Interiors delivers an engaging workplace accommodation strategy experience that will uncover the key fundamentals that will align your workplace environment, with the desired behaviour from your staff to achieve a thriving workplace.

Our process is tailored around your business’ needs, and the following strategic steps can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

  • Aspirational Workshops
  • Workplace Immersion
  • Space & Time Utilisation Study
  • Employee Survey
  • Functional Briefing
  • Kit of Parts
  • Planning & Visualisation
  • Building & Cost Analysis

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