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Interior Design for Office spaces

An amazing workplace design starts here

At Contour Commercial Interiors, we believe there are three critical design elements that dictate the look of your working environment: line, shape and colour. Our office interior designers incorporate these fundamental principles into their approach to create a work space that is both professional and enjoyable to spend time in. Our team of world-class, in-house designers are not only extremely knowledgeable in their field, but will work closely with you to deliver an office that suits your specific needs.

Creative Commercial Interior Design for Office Spaces

Creativity and innovation is at the core of our design ethic, meaning that you can always trust our office interior designers to deliver an excellent result. However, we understand the importance of putting our clients first, and strive to deliver a work space that’s tailored to your company aesthetic. Our best practice design techniques ensure that your organisation’s core values and ethics are never compromised as we craft the final plan for your office interiors.

A Reflection of Your Brand

To clients and employees, and indeed all visitors, your office space reflects your objectives, ethics and brand. Therefore, your interior office design must encompass both functionality and visual appeal to captivate the emotions of all who are involved in your organisation. You can be assured that your final layout and build from Contour Commercial Interiors will achieve all these goals.

Contour Interiors’ unique interior design for office spaces provides a point of difference, which stems from both diligent in-depth industry research and our continual striving to maintain our position at the forefront of Australia’s design industry. Each client is catered for in an entirely individual approach. It is not a matter of avoiding ‘one size fits all’ as there are no sizes to begin with – a wholly bespoke solution for your business is our objective.

We offer the following services:

  • Design Brief Establishment
  • Concept Drafting
  • Layout optimisation and finishes selection
  • Full Design Documentation
  • Visual Aids


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For an innovative and high quality interior design for office spaces in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, don’t hesitate to contact us online today. You can also call our offices and one of our expert staff will be on hand to offer further information and advice.

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