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a designer sketches architectural drawings on yellow paper.

First a Pencil, Then the World!

In the arena of interior design, there’s an understated elegance to starting with the humble pencil sketch before venturing into the digital realm with Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). This initial step, rooted in tradition, holds its ground as a crucial part of the creative process, despite the technological leaps in design tools.

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Office Interior Design Trends 2024

Office Interior Design Trends for 2024

As we enter the year 2024, there will be significant changes in office design. The highly anticipated “Great Return to Work” is altering our understanding and creation of workspaces. This article explores the shifting landscape and important trends that will shape office interiors in the upcoming year.

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office fitout

How to Achieve the Ultimate Office Fitout

If you’re looking for an office space that fulfils your true wants and needs as a company, you need to make sure you cover every angle. What you need is an office space that reflects your brand as a company, fulfils the needs of the company, and inspires and invigorates your workforce.

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Contour Blog - How Do I Make an Office Relocation Plan?

How Do I Make an Office Relocation Plan?

Here are some common sense precautions to take with your next office relocation project – especially when it comes to timing. Making a comprehensive office relocation plan is all about time invested, deadlines, and pre-preparation… Let us clue you in.

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office design telethon kids institute

Modern Office Fit Out Ideas in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

By now, we’ve all heard of the term “modern office” when talking about companies opening their doors and welcoming back employees. Business owners and commercial interior designers have been working hand-in-hand to identify modern office fit out ideas that would best benefit professional office spaces and the people it accommodates.

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