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Future office trends – a look at what will be coming

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Future office trends – a look at what will be coming

Looking at future office trends, key elements that will drive any change are technology advances and innovations shaping the available tools we have to complete tasks, as well as changes in demographics and population.  One of the battlelines will be the growing need to accommodate an increasingly older workforce with an ever advancing technology. Quite simply – how do we marry the two?  Can we make technology and its application in an office environment less scary and adapt to the need of the workforce, or will the workforce adapt and evolve its user behaviour in the office around the technology needs?

In this whitepaper we look at key elements which shape the office – or better workspace – of tomorrow.  Each element is important in its own right but will form part of a bigger picture. The elements covered off on are:

  • Lighting
  • Blended lifestyles
  • Communication
  • Generational attitudes, habits & practices
  • Technology
  • Colour
  • Space

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