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Importance and Key Benefits of Breakout Space

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Importance and Key Benefits of Breakout Space | Contour Interiors

A breakout space can provide various functions. It can be a place for employees to relax, recharge, take a break, meet with clients, have meetings, or brainstorm events. Very often just having a different environment or being in a less formal atmosphere can help drive the creative process and enable the exchange of ideas.

Therefore, breakout space in offices have become increasingly essential to elevate staff morale, increase mental well-being, and nurture productivity levels. For these reasons, an increasing number of companies are beginning to realise just how crucial it is to have a well-thought-out, high quality designed breakout area.

Top Three Benefits of a Well-Designed Breakout Space

1. Productivity
It may initially seem counter-intuitive that encouraging people to spend time away from their desks could increase productivity, but there is nothing less productive than a drowsy, washed-out employee.

Health and safety recommendations suggest that people who work with computers should have a break of at least 5-10 minutes every hour. By letting employees give their eyes and brains a rest away from the desk for an hour, they can return feeling refreshed with a clear mind to take on the rest of the day’s tasks.

2. Creativity
The best breakout areas can double as brain-storming spaces. They’re separate from the sometimes stifling atmosphere of the office and offer a relaxed environment that’s especially conducive to coming up with fresh ideas.

Creative ideas flow in a more relaxed environment. A dedicated space for idea collaboration will benefit employee morale and productivity.

3. Well-Being
Studies have shown that management who encourage frequent breaks in dedicated areas see their employee’s stress levels significantly decrease.

Employees report higher levels of satisfaction with their work and substantially fewer report feelings associated with ‘burn-out’.

Contour Interiors’ 3 Pointers in Designing Breakout Spaces

1. Colours
Colour is a fantastic medium to stimulate creativity and energise employee interaction – don’t be scared to have fun with them. With the right combination of colours that encourages brain activities, your breakout space will enhance creativity, productivity and well-being.

2. Furniture
We would recommend furniture that is comfortable, versatile and complementary to the intended use of the room. The right selection of armchairs, ottomans, high back lounges, or whiteboards can enhance the interaction between employees and encourage relaxed conversation or informal brainstorming sessions.

3. Lighting
Select lighting that creates an ambiance designed to keep your employees’ brain stimulated but relaxed. The right light for a breakout area is a great way to dramatically enhance the space, creating dimension and a fluid atmosphere. The options are endless.

Check out all of our completed design portfolios for inspiration. If you have any queries regarding break-out spaces in your current or new office, do not hesitate to call to chat with one of our designers.

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