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Rather than moving, Sumitomo opted to refurbish their of their Sydney office, and in doing so kept one of the best views in Australia right outside their window.

In response to unforeseen circumstances and preferring not to relocate, Sumitomo Sydney opted for a strategic refurbishment of their office, revitalising key areas like the boardroom, meeting rooms, collaboration zones, and reception. Situated with a breathtaking view of the Harbour Bridge, the redesign prioritises this vista, infusing the office with openness and warmth. The layout enhances the harbour views throughout, ensuring spaces like boardrooms and workstations are filled with natural light, elevating the workspace’s vibrancy and energy.

The refurbishment introduces strategically placed collaboration areas among workstations to boost productivity and encourage teamwork. This fosters an environment where spontaneous meetings and discussions can easily take place, enhancing the collaborative spirit.

Material selection and finishes were meticulously chosen to reflect Sumitomo’s commitment to design excellence, resulting in a cohesive, fresh aesthetic. This careful attention to detail aligns with their corporate values, emphasising sustainability and quality, and showcases a renewed dedication to fostering a creative and collaborative work culture. This transformation not only revitalises their workplace but also underscores Sumitomo’s dedication to providing an exceptional environment for its employees, merging functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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