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Softel Systems

Sofitel Systems New Office
Sofitel Systems New Office

Softel Systems was established over 15 years ago as a niche telecommunications and security business, and their mission is to use their expertise to create a safer cyber future for society.

Contour Interiors recently completed a project for Softel Systems, a workplace design and fitout that aimed to create an engaging and collaborative workplace. The main design theme of the project was to foster collaboration amongst staff, by designing spaces that supported a variety of work styles used by different departments. The goal was to increase staff engagement with their workplace and promote more time spent in the office.

One of the challenges of the project was achieving the necessary accreditation of the secure spaces within the office. To overcome this, the Contour Interiors team worked closely with SCEC Consultants to ensure compliance with security standards. The result is a modern and functional workspace that meets the needs of Softel Systems and its staff.


“From initial contact to end of the project, Contour’s professionalism, responsiveness and communication was amazing. Contour managed to complete the project on time and to budget, and we had a strict deadline so they exceeded my expectations and made it happen. Contour made my life much easier throughout the relocation project, from design to construction they were always on hand to provide advice and did all they could to get the job done. I’d recommend Contour to anyone – I was truly impressed at how the project was managed from start to finish.”
Softel Systems
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