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McConnell Dowell | Built Environs

Adelaide Office Design McConnell Dowell
Adelaide Office Design McConnell Dowell

Building on McConnell Dowell’s 60 years of history, Built Environs has designed & constructed significant buildings across Australia and New Zealand for 35 years.

In our recent project with McConnell Dowell | Built Environs, the central design theme revolved around fostering collaboration and teamwork within the workspace. The office layout blends enclosed spaces and quiet rooms for focused tasks and meetings, along with open spaces for more informal interactions. A versatile breakout kitchen was strategically designed to accommodate townhall meetings, and the colour palette, inspired by various shades of green, beautifully complements the company’s branding.

Our primary objective was to create a dynamic and adaptable workspace that supports the growing national business. While the design challenges were minimal due to the client’s clear vision, acoustics required careful attention. We addressed this by incorporating acoustic wall panelling, screens, ceiling panels, and noise-reducing carpeting, ensuring a peaceful and productive environment.

Contour’s collaboration with McConnell Dowell | Built Environs resulted in a workspace that encourages collaboration, adaptability, and a sense of unity, perfectly aligning with the company’s goals and vision.

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