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GrilloHiggins Lawyers

Law Office Design Australia
Law Office Design Australia

GrilloHiggins Lawyers is a boutique law firm that focuses on providing exceptional service to its clients, while also providing cost certainty in challenging market conditions.

This leading law firm was looking for a space that provided them with number of private office spaces for confidential meetings, spacious meeting rooms (to support group meetings), and an impressive breakout space suitable for team gatherings and events.

A key design element was to take advantage of the impressive views offered by the location; as well as providing the team with a well-balanced combination of private and public space that would meet the varying needs of the business, its clients and the respective individual lawyers.

The design goal was to maximise the space, providing the right balance between clients’ privacy and confidentiality, whilst also trying to create a sense of openness and light for both the GrilloHiggins team and their clients.

Following a thorough study of the location and surrounding buildings, Contour Interiors strategically located offices to enable privacy; sought to maximise the use of natural day light offered by the location which then enabled us to celebrate the great views across all the offices, breakout areas and meeting rooms. The expansive view and ample natural light helped to then provide the continuity and connectivity between all the elements. Ultimately, through carefully selection of the materials and finishes coupled with generously wide corridors, and those views, we were able to blend the different zones and successfully create an open and inviting workspace.

GrilloHiggins was thrilled with the outcome and love their new workspace.



A positive first impression, clear demonstration of their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail during the initial consultation. The Contour team were well-prepared, actively listened to our needs and preferences, and provided clear and concise answers to any questions. Contour Interiors were able to articulate their design approach and style and provide examples of successful past projects.
The space achieved its intended purpose while being visually appealing and functional. The Contour team set the tone for a successful collaboration and created a sense of confidence in their ability to deliver a high-quality result enjoyed primarily by the GrilloHiggins team and our clients.”
GrilloHiggins Lawyers
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