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Office Interior Design
Office Interior Design

Fivecast was established in 2017 and is now a global provider of open-source intelligence solutions, delivering targeted data collection and AI-enabled risk analytics.

Our team had the privilege of transforming their new workspace into a dynamic and inspiring environment that truly reflects their innovative spirit.

The main design theme of the project centred around creating a modern cyber tech hub atmosphere that went beyond the conventional office space. We aimed to make Fivecast’s workplace feel like a second home, a place where employees would be excited to come to each day. To achieve this, we carefully curated a variety of captivating spaces that catered to different work styles and needs.

From vibrant collaboration areas to private rooms for focused work, open breakout zones for impromptu discussions, and even a “tech bar” inspired space, every corner of the workspace was thoughtfully designed to foster creativity, connectivity, and productivity. The interconnecting staircase became a central element, creating a sense of unity between the two floors and facilitating effortless collaboration.

One of the major challenges we encountered was striking the perfect balance between budget and design aspirations. Through meticulous planning and strategic material selection, we achieved a stunning result without compromising on quality or aesthetics. By utilising smart finishes applications and integrating the corporate colours of Fivecast, we successfully reinforced their brand identity throughout the space.

The images showcased here provide a glimpse into the extraordinary transformation of Fivecast’s workspace. The vibrant colours, inviting breakout areas, and purposeful design elements create an environment that not only embodies their vision but also inspires their team to push boundaries and reach new heights.

We are honoured to have been a part of this remarkable project and are thrilled to witness the positive impact it has had on Fivecast and its employees.

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