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Dandolo Partners

Dandalo Partners Office
Dandalo Partners Office

Dandolo Partners is a management consulting firm specialising in public policy.

Contour Interiors was engaged by Dandolo to create a workspace that reflected a post-Covid workstyle, enhanced collaboration, enabled staff choice, and freedom to work in different settings, whilst affording an opportunity for future growth.

Opportunities were explored to maximise access to natural light and take advantage of the views to design an office space that supported the client’s communal and collaborative work style.

One of the main aims was to create a space that was strategically zoned to encourage staff movement and increase collaboration, but at the same time offer staff private spaces to suit all facets of work styles. The space needed to feel fresh, contemporary and calming to reflect Dandolo Partner’s values. The space was designed to allow sufficient flexibility to enable changes to be made to the space with minimal downtime for the business.

The client had complete faith in Contour’s approach and Dandolo Partners have fully embraced a hybrid working model, making for a smooth transition into their new workspace.



“Between our budget, brief and timeline, we knew that we had an ambitious project. For our project to be successful, we really needed a partner with both good design acumen and also the connections to suppliers and trades to get the job done by our deadline.
The reason that we appointed Contour was that we felt that you represented the best combination of design, construction, project management discipline and communication. At every stage in the project, I’ve really felt like you had our best interests at heart and were doing everything within your power to bring our design to life.
It’s been a joy to work with the Contour team and we’re so happy with the way the office is coming together.”
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