Office Space Design Ideas to Foster Productivity

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There is a unique technique to the way these spaces are created. Read on to see a quick breakdown of how well-designed office space can foster productivity.

Work Space

Whether you are thinking of an open-plan arrangement or exclusive office spaces, you must first know the usage and type of work to be performed in the area. Offices spaces that are suitable for legal services or banking may require more privacy and calm for the employees to work with higher concentration. Ensure conference rooms are soundproofed, and acoustics are well-managed in any open spaces. Although many offices are opting for hot-desking to cut expenses, in these scenarios, it would be necessary for productivity and confidence to provide one desk per person.

In young creative or technology business, you can consider open-plan structures where quick discussions and collaborations are possible. As a majority of younger organisations are keen to remove hierarchical structures, open-plans will allow easy access and approachability to all staff members. Many young businesses provide lounge areas or open cafe-style benches for meetings instead of traditionally arranged desks. These new and innovative ideas inspire staff to mingle and allow for the flow of fresh ideas.


Benefits of creating a recreational area at the office:

Studies show that potential workers are prepared to take a pay-cut if the office space is engaging. You can think of designing something as simple conversational corners with refreshments or consider projecting the on-going footy period on a big wall.

Many companies create dedicated recreational rooms with pool tables or table tennis tables, devoted so workers can take breaks between long hours.


1. Natural Light
Anyone could tell you the positive outcomes of natural light on the subconscious. Natural light arouses the mind and has proven results on the mental well-being of people. When designing your office space, assure there is sufficient pure light coming in. This will automatically give an instant boost to the employees – increasing productivity and morale.

2. Task Lighting
As flexible timings have become a trend in many workspaces, architects and designers have started to adopt task-lighting. As these lights can be managed directly by the workers, they can adapt these to their work timings and schedules.

Additionally, as task lighting is not centrally controlled, they are a tremendous cost-saving option for new offices.


Ergonomics and Environment
Ergonomics for the workplace is a somewhat specialised subject. Physical comfort is an essential requirement for all workers. Long hours of sitting in front of computer screens and on desks are known to cause sciatica, back pain, carpal tunnel and many more health problems. Extended sitting and poor office based posture has also been strongly linked to high blood pressure and diabetes. It is imperative to choose furniture and fixtures that will support good health for your staff. Besides, comfortable chairs here are few things to consider:

Health benefits of standing desks

Standing Desks – Many workers have been adopting standing desks instead of chairs. These allow workers better back strength and considered remarkably advantageous for the overall physical health of the worker.

Adjustable Monitor stands – A honest and comfortable addition to the office are adjustable monitor stands. These will help diminish and eliminate neck and back related injuries.

Floor Mats and Foot Stools – For seated desks, floor mats and footstools offer better circulation of blood for the long seating hours.
The workspace environment is also an essential aspect of the productivity and health of employees. The two fundamental points of this are quality of air and sound.

Air Quality – Properly planned air-conditioning, ideal temperatures of heating and ventilation along with maintenance would reduce air-borne health risks. Providing plants can also add to the improved quality of air especially in the workspace that is sealed for air-conditioning.

White Noise – Although it may not be apparent the humming of the air-conditioning ventilators and the server systems in the office can produce much white noise. With increasing usage of technology, this white noise is known to reach hazardous decibels. Avoid this by providing proper acoustic panelling throughout the office.



Workspace productivity concepts like Six Sigma or the Japanese Kaizen feature work productivity and optimisation through individual development. One of the essential aspects of these concepts is the de-cluttering of the employee’s desk space. Providing individualised storage can be extremely useful for staff members. The ability to create zen-like workspaces will help employees with efficiency. Organized office space will also help them feel positive about their office environment and improve morale.

Architects and contractors have many representations; legal offices are full of files and banking, finance and governance also all have much physical paperwork to manage. Recognize functional storage according to the need of the office space.


To add a bit of play and excitement, don’t hesitate in spending a few dollars on some Internet of Things devices. An app-enabled coffee machine or a Bluetooth jukebox for your rec room can liven the office up!

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