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What is a lease incentive?

“What on earth is a lease incentive?” A question that is sadly asked by naïve tenants all too often in the commercial property market. Many organisations who do not regularly relocate or have never relocated before find themselves swimming in unfamiliar terminology as they attempt to undertake perhaps the most ... Read More

Responsibility for workplace health

A healthy workplace is a win for everyone. For business owners, because their staff can firstly be at work, and secondly put in a better day of work. For employees because they feel like turning up and putting in a days’ work. For families of staff members, because their loved ... Read More
Australian Naval Infrastructure December 2018-16 - Copy

Australian Naval Infrastructure

Contour recently completed a design and construct fit out project for Australian Naval Infrastructure in Port Adelaide. ANI is a government owned organisation that maintains the facilities in which Australia's new frigates and submarines will be built ... Read More

Charles River

Charles River Development in Melbourne - a recent project video and testimonial. Charles River is a global software platform that enables sound and efficient investing across all asset classes ... Read More
Fulton Hogan - Mile End SA-5

Fulton Hogan

Contour was contracted to undertake the fit out project for Fulton Hogan's new Mile End, SA offices. Hear what they have to say about it ... Read More

Welcome to our Amazing New Melbourne Office

A collaborative hub for our inspiring Melbourne team! Contour's Melbourne team are excited to announce the move in to a brand new office in the Equity Trustees building - 575 Bourke Street. Our vision is for every Australian work environment to be a place where people and businesses can be inspired, productive ... Read More
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The Office Relocation Timing Guide

Helpful tips on getting the timing right on an office relocation to avoid a stressful process. There is little worse than a looming deadline where no progress has been made on the task at hand. Like a tsunami bearing down on an idyllic beach long after the warning bells have gone off ... Read More
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How to Find the Right Office Space

Moving offices is all too often the reluctantly taken route. This influences the way we think about moving - we push it down our agenda until we have so little time to act that we either stay put in a location that doesn't suit our requirements, or we are forced ... Read More
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Moving offices: Have you left it too late?

How long will it take? One of the biggest questions asked by companies looking to move offices or undertake a refurbishment. Also one of the least understood. Leaving your office project planning too late will invariably lead to unnecassary stress Because the timing of an office fit out doesn't just come ... Read More
Australian Naval Infrastructure December 2018-20

5 things to consider about open plan offices

Open plan is the new buzz word, right? Everyone loves it. It's all about collaboration and communication and cooperation and conversation...the list goes on. Isn't it?While these things are essential to supporting businesses with their primary objective, what business is really about is getting things done. And does open plan ... Read More
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7 Things You’ve Forgotten About Your Office Relocation

So you're moving offices? Very exciting! With a couple of decades experience in office relocation and office fitout projects, we've seen the things people tend to forget about. We feel compelled to share this information, as we see so many simple things overlooked, as outlined in the list below. Phones I ... Read More

7 simple ways to make your office a great place to work

Whilst moving offices or undertaking a full refurbishment is a great step forward for your business, you only get the opportunity once every few years. In the meantime, it is essential that your office remains a vibrant work environment in order to motivate staff, attract new talent an grow your business ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of an Office Relocation

What should a good business consider when they are looking at moving offices? From our experience, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account and are very different depending on the circumstances. In some cases, businesses don't have an option, but when you do have ... Read More

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Finding or searching for the correct amount of office space is critical for businesses. How much space is required is dictated very much by the direction and strategy of an organisation, and should be considered as such. All too often, organisations see their physical space as less important than their ... Read More

Ramco Southbank

Understanding the type of culture and environment Ramco wanted to reflect was essential in this project in 60 City Road, Southbank. Working with Contour, Ramco were able to create a space where staff felt welcome and were able to work with energy. This short video provides a snapshot of what ... Read More

Does Moving Office Make Cents?

In real estate terms, the worst house in the best street is legendary. It’s all about location, location, location. But is it wise to make a move? There are many things to consider. So if you’re thinking about moving your business, here are the pros and cons of doing just ... Read More

Future office trends – a look at what will be coming

Looking at future office trends, key elements that will drive any change are technology advances and innovations shaping the available tools we have to complete tasks, as well as changes in demographics and population.  One of the battlelines will be the growing need to accommodate an increasingly older workforce with ... Read More
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RXP Services

Contour Interiors recently undertook a complete office fitout project for RXP Services, an ASX Listed IT Services company, in 31 Queen Street, Melbourne. The 950 sq. metre project took inside 3 months from concept to completion. The video above includes extracts from an interview with the company’s Chief Executive Officer, ... Read More