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Contour Interiors are a national office interior design and project management company, delivering leading edge workspaces. Our team of experts has combined extensive knowledge and experience to become one of the premier integrated interior design and fit out firms in Australia.

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At the heart of every great workplace is vision. And that vision can only come to life when your firm’s culture and what makes it unique is front and centre.

Rather than look at where you are right now, Contour uses our highly refined integrated design process to look into the future at where you are going, and how your people can be supported to do their best work. Starting with our proprietary Workplace Strategy Process, we find out what makes your company tick, survey your team, and create a design blueprint that will bring your company into the future, today.

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Office Workplace Ergonomics Australia

The Importance of Workplace Ergonomics in an Office

The goal of applying ergonomics in the workplace is to enhance product design and the layout of workstations in order to reduce the negative effects of exhaustion, fatigue, and minor injuries. Ergonomically designed workstations reduce the likelihood of experiencing pain in the muscles and joints as well as the likelihood of straining and slouching, both of which can be contributors to the development of more serious health issues. In this article we examine the many benefits of workplace economics and how they can be applied holistically as part of a workplace strategy.

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Collaborative Workplaces
Workplace Design

The Many Benefits of Collaborative Workplaces

Collaborative workplaces have a myriad of benefits. When colleagues work together effectively, they get the opportunity to share their own knowledge, experience, and skills. This provides employees with the opportunity to discuss their own processes, and it makes them feel as though they are an integral part of the team. This article discusses collaborative workplaces, and the advantages of cross-functional teams and the resultant increased productivity.

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great resignation australia

The Great Resignation Australia Had to Have?

The COVID-19 pandemic left most employees rethinking their jobs. While the cost of living keeps rising, their wages remain as is. In comparison to other companies and employers, they get lower pay, less opportunities, and a lack of work-life balance that continue to affect employees. More personal reasons like feeling disrespected at work, having childcare issues (for those who have children), being provided with bad or insufficient benefits, wanting to relocate to a different area, and even employers requiring COVID-19 vaccines contribute to the “quit rate”.

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"We have a hybrid working from home model which allows people to work from home, but a lot of people still prefer to come to the office. We actually have a very high percentage of people who want to be in this space, so from my side the design brief did exactly what we wanted and its encouraging our staff to come to work."
Peter McCullagh

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Our professional and responsive team deliver office fitouts with commercial interior design that satisfy your corporate goals, vision and identity. From beginning to end, we provide all-inclusive commercial office fitouts Melbourne that delivers you a workspace that best expresses your corporate identity as well as providing a great space for your employees. After all, it’s our vision for every Australian work environment to be a space that enables businesses and people to be inspired, productive and successful.

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