Our Story

Contour Interiors

We spend a lot of time at this place called ‘work’. Each and every day, we rely on work as a source of inspiration, immense fulfilment and as a place where we aspire to be something more. It’s our home away from home.

A good home is one that works for its family. It’s a place where you make plans, work together to achieve goals – somewhere that feels familiar. Workspaces are no different. They play home to the businesses that inhabit them.

After twenty years of planning, building, moving and fitting-out workspaces all across Australia, we know a thing or two about making businesses feel at home. Be it an innovative car company focused on going green, or a boutique law firm that’s geared towards privacy, we make it our business to create innovative, functional and inspirational work environments that feel like they

Creating these homes away from home is what you are and what you want to achieve; then making your workspace be productive in the best way possible. From beginning to end, we guide you along, with a focus on delivering expert advice at the right times, tackling the tough problems and working closely with you to deliver, above and beyond all expectations.

One of the perks of being a family business is that we know what a good home’s made of. So if we can create a space that gets employees out of bed and happy to put in the extra hours, then there’ll be no place like work.


With family members that formed Contour’s original partnership involved in the commercial property market since the 1960’s, interior design since the 1970’s, furniture manufacturing since the 1980’s, and finally office construction work in the early 1990’s, it was inevitable that, given the interrelatedness of the said industries, a unified brand would emerge. Founded in 1993, Contour was the result.

Hence, for over 20 years, Contour Commercial Interiors has proficiently conceptualised, designed, constructed and outfitted exceptional office workspaces. Our team of consultants and project managers work closely with our clients to develop an office environment that embodies excellence.

What makes Contour unique?

Contour’s turn-key approach to the fitout industry is the embodiment of the ‘single supplier’ philosophy, and is a key differential between Contour and other players in the office fitout market. Contour’s initial service includes the provision of a property search for your ideal office space. Following this, our experienced project designers get in touch and create a project brief.

The construction phase follows, with the project management of your fitout left to our specialists, allowing you to concentrate on developing your business. The careful selection of furniture items to complement your space concludes the all-inclusive office fitout solution that Contour offers.

How does Contour do this?

With teams of designers in multiple states, national project managers and trades, contacts in the commercial property industry and our Registered Building Practitioner expertise, we are able to create office interiors that offer fine lines, correct aesthetics, advanced ergonomics and leading edge technology.

Where does Contour operate?

Contour is a national office design and construction firm with a presence in all the mainland state capitals; Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, as well as regional centres in Victoria and South Australia, such as Hamilton, Warrnambool, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge and Bordertown.